Sources of Funding

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There are various sources of funding available to businesses, start-ups and voluntary and community organisations from grants, loans to crowd funding. Below is a list of funding opportunities with deadline dates.

14 June Expressions of Interest
City Bridge Trust Scheme

Launching ‘Responding to the Resilience Risk’ initiative – an open call to charities to design and deliver six-month pilot projects to develop the resilience of voluntary sector staff and volunteers, following publication of a report by London Funders ‘The Resilience of People in Community-facing organisations; What’s the Role of Funders’.
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19 June @9am
London Family Fund
Grants (£10,000-£85,000) available to a range of organisations such as parenting, local community groups, early years providers, family services, etc. for projects that will meet one or more of the following:  bring families together, increase social integration, generate more diverse social networks to reduce parental isolation,and loneliness and improve the wellbeing of children.

24 June
Solving together Fund
The above fund aims to encourage parents to get involved with their children’s maths education.  It is open to  organisations that are in the early-stages of developing their intervention and also those who have tested theirs further and who would not like to test it in a secondary school setting.

24 June @5pm
Mayor of London:
Community Tree Planting Grants
The funding is for projects across the capital that will plant trees and give Londoners the chance to get involved. It could be something like planting more trees in a local park or creating a community orchard on an estate or creating a new woodland in a London borough.

30 June
Lloyds Bank Group: 
Credit Union Development Fund
Seed grants of between £10,000-£20,000 will help credit unions to invest in resources and activities e.g. investment in digital improvements and large grants of between £50,000-£100,000 to provide a contribution to reserves and help remove barriers to growth and innovation.

11 July
WRAP Food Waste Prevention
Grants to help address a current capacity gap in the sector for redistributing food that is currently being wasted, diverting this to people in need.

12 July @12 noon
Mayor of London:
Young Londoners Fund
Small grants £10,000-£30,000, Medium grants £30,000-£50,000, Large grants £50,000-£500,000 available for projects that tackle causes of youth violence and knife crime helping children/young people to make positive choices.  Apply as a  sole deliverer or as part of a consortium.

18 July
Armed Forces Covenant Fund:
Removing Barriers to Family Life Programme
Large grants of between £100,000 – £300,000 are available from the above fund to support projects that address substantial challenges that will have a trans formative and sustainable effect to armed forces families.  The above deadline is for Expressions of Interest.

22 July
(Competition Opening 10 June)

Whole House Retrofit
Funding for a limited number of projects that will focus on upgrading social housing properties given the comparative uniformity of the dwellings and the ability to procure at scale

23 July
Youth Endowment Fund
Organisation with a track record of working with young people aged 10-14 are eligible to apply to the above fund which will fund projects targeting young people who are at risk of being drawn into crime and violence e.g. those experiencing issues with later offending and crime, and anti-social behaviours such as school exclusion, or having a family member(s) involved in crime etc.  The Youth Endowment Fund is a bold new attempt to put early intervention at the heart of efforts to tackle youth offending.

28 July 
A B Charitable Trust
Funding for projects that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals.  Grants of between £10,000 – £20,000 to registered charities.  Projects must meet at least one of  the following categories:  migrants refugees and asylum seekers; criminal justice and penal reform; human rights, particularly access to justice.

31 July
Launching Angus Irvine Playing Fields Fund
Grants of between £2,500 – £5,000 for projects such as: developing and improving playing fields and other facilities; developing and training volunteers including paying for qualifications; purchasing specialist disability equipment; developing long term sustainability e.g. marketing and finance expertise

31 August
Lloyds Bank Foundation
Enable grants are awarded to charities which have identified clear development needs and provide a great opportunity to strengthen charities to deliver more effectively e.g. an enable grant could put your charity in a stronger position to deliver services and attract more volunteers funding and support.

12 September
Armed Forces Covenant Fund:
Removing Barriers to Family Life Programme
Medium grants of between £30,000 – £100,000 for existing or new programmes that will support Armed Forces families who are facing challenges.  Projects must address a clear need for one of three key groups of people:  young people from armed forces families; families and carers of veterans; serving families.

17 September
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Funding for UK citizens to travel anywhere in the world for up to two months to research a topic of their choice that can make a contribution to UK society on their return home. This funding is not for academic research trips, rather it is intended for ‘journeys to learn about real-world issues from the leading practitioners in the world’ and to make a real-world difference with the learning upon returning home.

27 September
Lawrence Atwell’s
Grants up to £10,000 that will help neet young people into employment.

5 December
Energy Globe Award

Acknowledging and rewarding large and small projects addressing climate change. Categories: earth; fire; water; air; youth; special category on the issue of ‘energy for the poorest’.

Loans & Grants

Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund

The Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund is a growth programme designed to support businesses in Croydon to access finance in order to start or grow a business. The scheme is managed by London Small Business Centre and Enterprise for London on behalf of Croydon Council.
The Croydon Enterprise Loan Fund offer expert practical support to help businesses get ready to apply for finance. Since 2008 the loan fund has gone on to provide £3m of finance to over 300 local businesses that have received loans ranging from £1,000 to £50,000.

To find out more contact: or call: 07515 051023.

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Coast to Capital Funding and Grants

Coast to Capital has a number of funding, grant and loan opportunities available to private sector and public sector organisations to support business growth in Croydon, East Surrey, Gatwick Diamond, Brighton & Hove, Lewes and West Sussex. This funding comes from our allocation from the Government’s Growth Deal and the European Structural & Investment Fund which both support business growth.

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Innovate UK Business Innovation

Guidance for business and academic organisations on what funding they can get to test ideas and develop innovative products and services.

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Crowd Funding


Croydon LIVE is also here to provide a platform for Croydon’s communities to develop, fund and launch their own projects to create and enliven fantastic new public spaces.

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European Funds

European Social Fund

The ESF is Europe’s main instrument for supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens. It works by investing in Europe’s human capital – its workers, its young people and all those seeking a job. ESF financing of EUR 10 billion a year is improving job prospects for millions of Europeans, in particular those who find it difficult to get work.

The European Union is committed to creating more and better jobs and a socially inclusive society. These goals are at the core of the Europe 2020 strategy for generating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the EU. The current economic crisis is making this an even more demanding challenge. The ESF is playing an important role in meeting Europe’s goals, and in mitigating the consequences of the economic crisis – especially the rise in unemployment and poverty levels.

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European Investment Fund

Our central mission is to support Europe’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) by helping them to access finance. To this end, we aim at satisfying existing and future market needs by designing innovative financial products addressed to our partners (banks, guarantee, leasing and microfinance institutions, private equity and venture capital funds, among others), acting as our financial intermediaries.

By offering an Integrated Risk Finance Product Range of SME finance to our intermediaries, we complement the products offered by the European Investment Bank (EIB) with which we form the EIB Group.

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