Important changes to invoicing and payments for supplier to Croydon council

Important changes to invoicing and payments for supplier to Croydon council

Important changes to invoicing and payments for supplier to Croydon council

We are pleased to inform you that Oracle Cloud (which we call My Resources internally) is now live. As of Monday 13 May, Oracle Cloud replaced One Oracle for all procurement and finance functions. Oracle Cloud is a more efficient system that will streamline our payment processes and improve online collaboration with suppliers.

There is nothing different that you need to do however we have summarised the changes for suppliers below.

Key changes for suppliers

 Purchase Orders (PO’s)

  • Purchase orders will be sent directly to suppliers via email from the system.
  • PO’s will be send from the following inbox –
  • The Purchase Order format has changed. Click here to see the new PO format
  • All purchase orders numbers will begin with the letters LBC and end with the letter P
  • Suppliers must not carry out any works, services or provide goods until they are in receipt of a valid PO
  • The terms and conditions on the back of the PO will be the contract for all work, goods and services carried out (unless a signed contract is in place).


  • Invoices must be submitted via email to (or if signed up to the premier supplier programme-PSP)
  • All invoices must contain a valid PO number
  • Invoices will be processed from the date of receipt, not invoice date. It is therefore very important that suppliers submit invoices to the correct mailbox
  • Valid invoices will be paid within 30 days of receipt (unless signed up to PSP)

Supplier portal – currently available for new suppliers only.

  • A new feature of the system is that all new suppliers will have access to self-service iSupplier portal which they will need to register on in order to receive purchase orders and payments
  • The portal will help ensure quicker registration and payments in the future
  • Existing suppliers are not required to register on the portal at this stage

Existing suppliers: All active supplier accounts have been migrated from One Oracle to the new system. However these suppliers will not have access to the supplier portal just yet. We are currently working on the plan to move existing suppliers to the supplier portal in the future. In the meantime existing suppliers should continue to submit invoices in the usual way.

If you have any queries in the first instance please contact the officer who raised the PO. This information will be included on the PO

We look forward to continuing our business relationship with your company and also thank you in advance for helping us achieve a smooth and successful transition.

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