Croydon’s state-of-the-art youth zone looking for the support of local businesses and philanthropists

Croydon’s state-of-the-art youth zone looking for the support of local businesses and philanthropists

The charity is actively seeking business partners in Croydon to engage with young people and contribute to the annual cost of running the centre.

Transforming Croydon. With big changes taking place in Croydon and the largest youth population in London, the proposal for a Youth Zone has come at just the right time. A spectacular, world class £6.5m youth centre will ensure young people make the most of their potential and the opportunities in Croydon’s growing economy.

Legacy Youth Zone will provide all young people in Croydon with somewhere safe and inspiring to go in their leisure time, raising their aspirations and building their confidence to support them into their choice of employment and helping them live happier and healthier lives.

An OnSide Youth Zone will be open 7 days per week, with 4,000 active members, 200 young people visiting every evening, supported by 50 expert staff and an army of 100 local volunteers.

Croydon’s young people at the heart: 3,000 young people in Croydon voted to give the Youth Zone its name Legacy.

The Youth Zone site is on Whitehorse Road and centrally located between central Croydon, Selhurst, Thornton Heath and Broad Green, all areas of significant need.

Council partnership: As a strategic partner the Council have provided 50% of the capital and are committed to support part of the ongoing revenue funding.

Private Business Leadership: The success of the Youth Zone model is not least down to the private sector leadership provided by many local individuals from the business community who care passionately about young people’s future. The Youth Zone costs £1.2M per annum to run and with their support, combined with the local authority support and a modest contribution from young people as entry fees we can provide a fantastic array of inspiring activities and wonderful staff and volunteers to support young people, 7 days per week.

If you are a business operating locally and are interested in learning more about the Legacy young zone and potentially partnering with OnSide contact or on 07962 656 990. The OnSide Youth Zone wants your thoughts on the business model, your business priorities, how you plan to add social value and any advice, as the project starts something new in Croydon.

To see OnSide idea, watch this 3 video clip  [copy and paste: ] or get the latest news on the OnSide Youth Zons website.

It is such a big project, you will want to know the impact and potential for your business whether you get involved or not. So give David a ring or drop him an email to find out.

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