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In this section you will find information about:

What the Community Fund is;

Why we have  made changes to the process; and

What we are commissioning in the Community Fund

What is the Community Fund?

Croydon has a strong and vibrant Voluntary and Community sector who play a key role in delivering services and support to some of Croydon’s most vulnerable residents. In recognition of this contribution, the Council has committed funding to the Voluntary and Community Sector, in the form of the Community Fund. The Community Fund, which began in 2016, aims to support a wide range of organisations delivering or planning to deliver in Croydon to offer services and activities which aims to improve outcomes for residents in the borough.

Why have we made changes?

The Community Fund is currently being commissioned. Working together with our VCS sector we have made decisions based on the feedback we have received. This includes:

  • A commitment to maintain funding levels at £2.6m per year over the next 3 years
  • Increasing the small grants thresholds to £15k
  • Breaking the Community Fund into 5 distinct pots
  • Making the tender portal as user friendly as possible and providing suport
  • Offering drop-in surgeries
  • Creating a single point of contact at communityfund@croydon.gov.uk

What is being commissioned in the Community Fund?

The Community Fund for 2020-2023, consists of 5 commissioning opportunities and a small grants process. The commissioning opportunities include:

  • Outcomes Programme – for organisations to bid for funding to deliver outcome based programmes which will contribute to the Council’s priority outcomes.
  • Infrastructure support – will facilitate VCS organisations and groups to build networks and connections in communities, to work with others and to prioritise prevention and early intervention.
  • Carers Service – will provide independent carers assessments for adult carers in Croydon as well as services to meet the eligible needs of carers to support them to continue to provide care.
  • Advice Service – will provide free, independent, impartial advice and support on issues such as Housing, Welfare Benefit, Finance and Debt, Employment Law, Family Law and Generalist advice.
  • Quality Assurance and Contract Management – will provide, contract management and quality assurance for all grants awarded under £15k to providers through the ring-fenced prevention fund.