PPE for non-health and care settings

PPE for non-health and care settings 2020-05-27T16:21:56+00:00

The Government has set out PPE guidance for non-health and social care settings; and based on their current studies, there is very little scientific evidence of widespread benefit from PPE. Workplaces should not encourage the precautionary use of extra PPE to protect against Covid-19 outside clinical settings. Instead the emphasis should be on practicing good hand hygiene and social distancing to minimising the risk of infection. This could involve, for example, putting in place a physical ‘splash barrier’ or redesigning customer flows within in the shop. For the full guidance from the Government around PPE visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-personal-protective-equipment-ppe

On reading the guidance, if you still require PPE items there are a range of suppliers that you can contact to discuss your needs. In addition to the variety of PPE suppliers available in the market place, YourCare is a company wholly owned by Croydon Council which was set up to provide an equipment retail service, and which stocks a range of PPE items: https://www.yourcare.org.uk/. If you would like to discuss your requirements you can call the YourCare team on 0808 1962231 or email us at: wecare@yourcare.org.uk

As you will be aware from national news coverage, supply of PPE across the country remains volatile and as such prices and availability of stock lines continue to fluctuate.  If you’re looking to buy PPE for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission, there are a number of things that you’ll need to consider and we have included below some tips on what to look for:

Please note: this guidance is for buying PPE for non-clinical use

Recommended PPE types and rationale for use 2020-05-27T11:34:31+00:00

Research types of recommended PPE, understand what they are used for and then decide what items you really need.

Avoid buying higher-grade personal protective equipment from online medical suppliers, as these are often in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers and other key workers at risk of exposure to Covid-19.

Please refer to government guidance on ‘staying safe outside of your home’ for more information on the level of protection required outside of clinical settings, including face coverings

Where to buy PPE 2020-05-27T11:35:24+00:00

It is important you consider the following when deciding which quote is the best value for money.

Please be aware of online shopping scams, there are potentially unsafe products for sale online.

Ensure you take extreme caution when buying PPE online. Only buy what you really need and purchase your goods from credible retailers who have a proven track record of supplying large organisations and who have clear terms and conditions of contract and are subject to UK or EU jurisdiction.

Here are some steps you can and should take to protect yourself:

  • Check website and product reviews
  • Check their ISO certification
  • Check company registration via Companies House (if a ltd company)
Essential safety requirements 2020-05-27T11:38:15+00:00

We would advise any PPE that you buy to protect from COVID-19 meets the essential safety requirements under EU Regulation 2016/425 (see Annex II) and has been assessed in line with the regulatory easements in EU Recommendation 2020/403. Standards relevant to PPE for COVID-19 are available free from the British Standards Institution and there are also WHO guidelines on COVID-19.

Budget and quotes 2020-05-26T15:37:29+00:00

It’s important you calculate what you can afford to spend on PPE. Set yourself a budget and stick to it.

Shop around. Due to Covid-19, there is a high demand for PPE and therefore prices of items may fluctuate.

Ensure you get multiple quotes from different suppliers (a minimum of three quotes is recommended). If you are struggling to identify suppliers, you may wish to use an internet search.

Evaluate 2020-05-23T03:01:53+00:00

You will need to think about the best value for money based on:

  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Product specifications
  • Fitness for Purpose
  • Quality
  • Delivery costs
  • Delivery times


Quality assurance and how to use PPE 2020-05-26T13:21:16+00:00

Upon arrival, check that the packaging of your PPE is not damaged and protective seals are in place. Assess all products individually for the expected certifications (e.g. CE marks) and to ensure the quality of your goods.

If any of PPE items you have ordered arrive damaged, or are faulty, please contact the supplier for a refund/exchange immediately.

Do not use damaged or faulty PPE items.

Please follow manufacturer’s instructions to understand how to use any PPE you have ordered.