Social Value Policy

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Council’s approach to embedding social value

Croydon was one of the first councils to set social value high on the agenda by going beyond the requirements of the legislation and mandating social value considerations across all commissioned spend. The Council is committed to maximising social value not only through ensuring that social benefits are at the core of the commissioning and procurement activity, but also by encouraging borough-wide responsible business practices through the Good Employer Charter.

The Council’s aim is to ensure Croydon benefits from the expenditure related to the contracts procured, changing people’s lives for the better in terms of local employment, training, sub-contracting opportunities, community support and environmental initiatives.

The Council wishes to work in partnership with its service, works and goods providers and supply chain partners to achieve social value from all contracted spend, ensuring that its contracts deliver long-lasting and sustainable positive impacts and outcomes for Croydon’s communities and businesses.

Social value can take almost any form, ranging from the very tangible, jobs for the long-term unemployed, or sub-contracting opportunities for small businesses, to softer, but equally important benefits, engagement with communities or groups of individuals who might otherwise feel entirely disengaged. This approach also supports the Council in fulfilling its public sector equality and diversity duties.

A good understanding of social value can help secure a contract with the Council. A training guide to support potential providers write a good Social value offer has been developed and can be found here.

Partners that deliver social value via contractual arrangements with the council are expected to report on delivery of their commitments and target as part of the contract management, engage with Value Croydon and wider local community initiatives and provide an annual summary report listing their key achievements and a case study that showcases an example of where they created a real impact.

To support local employment and skills the Council has also established Croydon Works, a partnership job brokerage service that works with employers, including Council’s contractors, to provide employability support and a free to use recruitment service for the residents and businesses operating in Croydon.

Croydon Council is a London Living Wage employer and has made a commitment to ensure all employees working for the Council directly or through contracts are paid the Living Wage. As such payment on London Living Wage to employees working on this contract is a requirement of this tender.

Social Value Policy

Social Value Framework

A key foundation of the Council’s approach is the Social Value Framework that aligns the local priorities with the ambition to maximise what we achieve through Social Value. The framework has six themes that represent local social value focus and priorities with example outcomes and measures developed to help consider and embed social value. The six themes are:

SV1 – local employment;

SV2 – creating accessible pathways to employment;

SV3 – supporting healthy lifestyles;

SV4 – supporting local communities and initiatives;

SV5 – supporting local business growth;

SV6 – supporting a cleaner and greener borough.

Social Value Performance Framework

Further information

The Social Value toolkit aims to provide best practice principles to ensure that the most effective services are delivered, making the best use of resources. It is largely targeted at commissioners and those responsible for procurement in the council, but can be also used for further context and guidance by providers to consider social value aspects of their solutions.

Social Value Toolkit