Electrical Installation @ Shurgard, Purley Way, Croydon

Electrical Installation @ Shurgard, Purley Way, Croydon

Shurgard UK, has requested that your company is invited to prepare a tender for the Electrical Installation Works at the above development. The works will include, but not be limited to: generally the design, supply, delivery, off-loading, marking out, installation, commissioning and setting to work, of the Electrical Installation Works in accordance with the Invitation to Tender document Reference No: AC/ITT/23/WP/355 Dated: 25 Mar 20 and associated documents, specifications and drawings.


The Project overview is the demolition of existing structures and the construction of a new, ground +3 storey self-storage facility.

1.            BONA FIDE TENDER

Your tender is to reflect all the contractual items tabulated below and in the tender document. If your company is successful, these will form part of the official contract. Your company is also requested to carefully inspect all the documents enclosed in order to fully satisfy yourselves that the full extent of the works will be included in your contract price.

This development is subject to a very strict Health & Safety Policy which requires the site to be secured at all times. If your company wish to visit the site in connection with your tendering, this is to be by appointment only and arrangements can only be made by contacting Calum Taylor on 07917 468097. Although there is limited parking available on site, all Contractors are encouraged to use public transport.

Your tender is to fully include the requirements outlined in the construction programme and any Method of Working in complying with this sequence of works.

No claims will be entertained on the grounds of absence of information, errors or not reflecting or interpolation of the contract documents enclosed.

You are required to fully reflect all the documentation contained in the contract documents enclosed in your lump sum prices, as no claims for extra payments will be entertained. 

2.            LUMP SUM PRICE

Your tender must be submitted on a lump sum fixed price basis, including and reflecting all aspects of the work associated with your trade. The fixed price period will be for the duration of the contract. 

3.            PAYMENT

Payments will be made on a periodic basis for completed stages of work which have been undertaken in accordance with all the contract documents and to the complete satisfaction of the Client’s representative. 

4.            RETENTION

Retentions will be deducted at 3% on all payments authorised on this contract. 50% of retention monies will be released on practical completion of the works contained in the order. The balance will be released at the end of the 12 month defects period. 

Should your tender be successful your company will be required to enter into a formal JCT contract reflecting all items included in the Contract and all associated documentation tabulated below.

Your tender is required to be returned for consideration by 1300hrs on the 13 Apr 20 for the attention of undersigned below.

All queries and other communications in connection with the tender process and any arrangements for inspection of documents, site visits etc. are to be made through Calum Taylor, Appian Construction Limited (contact details below).

It is a condition of participation in the process that no participant should at any time prior to notification of the award of the contract disclose to or otherwise discuss with any other tenderer or any third party its actual or intended tender price or any approximation of it.

Should there be any items/queries which your company wish to discuss in connection with the tendering of this work, could you please forward the relevant points in writing by email.  As part of the tendering conditions, we will require return of the following documentation prior to consideration of your submission:

  • Fully itemised tender breakdown
  • A Schedule/Programme of Works
  • Approval of the Contract terms to be confirmed in due course which will be a JCT Construction Management Contract between the successful Contractor and Shurgard
  • Quotation should identify separately, any items not covered by the drawings and specifications
  • Completed PQQ

Should your company be successful, the following site specific documentation will be required prior to any appointment:

  • Signed Shurgard Safety Charter
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
  • Method Statements
  • COSHH assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Company Health & Safety Policy
  • Insurance details
  • Copy of CIS details
  • Payment Schedule

Please ensure that all tender documentation is returned when submitting your contract price.

 Calum Taylor

Appian Construction Ltd.

Tel: 01202 485344



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