Private Renting Access Scheme Croydon (PRASC)

Private Renting Access Scheme Croydon (PRASC)

Croydon Council is seeking to engage a contractor to provide a Private Rented Sector (PRS) access service, with elements of client support work, for people looking to move on from supported and temporary accommodation. The service will provide flexible advice and support in areas of move on, property searches and tenancy skills/sustainment with the aim of working towards greater access to placements in the private rented accommodation for single, vulnerable and homeless people in the London Borough of Croydon.

The main objective of this service is to provide residents of supported housing, rough sleepers and people with substance misuse issues with support in accessing suitable private rented accommodation, with the objective of achieving independence and freeing up supported housing spaces for other vulnerable and homeless people.

This tender process is being carried out in accordance with the open procedure as set out in the Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) 2015.

The overall target for the service is to achieve 80 placements into private rented sector accommodation annually. The provider has the flexibility under the contract to adjust hours spent on different activities delivering the service depending on the approach they see most suitable and effective.

The new service allows the successful provider to increase the amount of time spent by front line staff on providing more flexible support, and on procurement accommodation for clients and other related activities. The new service differs from the previous CRIAS contract by removing the requirement for an initial interview stage, and placing greater emphasis on the overall assessment of referred client’s needs and their readiness to move into private rented sector based on a review of the referral form submitted to the service by the referring agent. The service should therefore help more clients secure a positive outcome by focusing support on those clients who are ready to move on.

The full scope of the contract requirements are provided in the Service Specification, which forms part of the Tender Documents referred to in Section 1 of this Invitation to Tender and Instructions for Tendering.

The contract period will be of 4 years, with the option to extend for a further year. The envisaged start date is 1 April 2016.

Information to Tenderers

Please note that tender documents submitted electronically using Croydon Council’s e-tendering System ( will, upon being submitted, be deemed to have been signed electronically within the meaning of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

Any contract awarded will be subject to the Terms and Conditions included in the Invitation to Tender. Any amendments will be strictly at the discretion of Croydon Council. You may be excluded from the process if you do not agree to Croydon Council Terms and Conditions. The Council will not consider an offer of your own Terms and Conditions.

Prospective Tenderers shall ensure that they are fully familiar with the nature and extent of the obligations, which they will assume if their tender is accepted.

Tender Submission

The submission of this tender must be done via the Council’s e-Tendering

The submission of a response to the ITT by a Tenderer will be deemed to imply the Tenders acceptance of the Instructions to Tender and associated documents without qualification.

Croydon Council will administer and manage the process of evaluating each tender, according to the Evaluation Process and Criteria section within the attached Invitation & Instructions to tender document.

Should you have any queries regarding this tender please use the discussions on the Council’s e-tender system this ensures the message is sent to the relevant Procurement Officer, please use the discussion link on the right hand side of the contract page.

Please note that it is your responsibility to review all previous questions & answers (Q&A’s) that have been asked and answered as well as any additional information that might have been posted by clicking on the discussion link.


CLARIFICATION DEADLINES: All clarification questions should be requested and received via the e-tendering system no later than 12noon on: 3 February 2016. The LBC will respond to all questions by 4pm 5 February 2016.

TENDER DEADLINE: 12 noon on 10 February 2016

If you need any technical assistance with the London Tenders Portal please contact the Supplier Support Helpdesk at: on 01670 597120.

We recommend that Tenders upload their response as early as possible to allow time for any issues that may occur.

PRASC – tender advert

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