Buying Thresholds

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The local business directory is an opportunity for you to enter our supply chain.

The business directory with over 14,000 local businesses has been embedded in the Tender and Contract regulations.  This will enable officers to comply with the updated regulations to seek at least 2 out of 3 quotes from a supplier using this directory.

List your business in the directory

The creation of  a new ‘Central Buying Team’ will help council with low value spend. This team will source suppliers from the directory which will mean that more local suppliers wil have the opportunity to quote for the Councils business up to £100m per year and enter our supply chain.

The table below shows the current buying thresholds which will be replaced by new thresholds in July 2019.

Total Aggregated Value Procedure Approved route Essential rquirement
<£5,000 One written quote required but preferable to have more Under the scheme of financial delegation The selected quote must represent best value for money
£5,000 up to £25,000 Invite a minimum of 3 quotes (one local) Under the scheme of financial delegation The selected quote must represent value for money. The tender opportunity does not need to be formally advertised but officers may do so using the councils public website and the governments supplier portal Contracts Finder website. Procurement at this value is more likely to involve an infrmal process of request for quotations (quick quotes). Officers must if numbers allow, invite a minimum of 3 quotes – 1 being local.
£25,000 to below £100,000 Formal tendering via an e-sourcing portal or if justified, then the invitation of quotes (as above) can be adopted Under the scheme of financial delegation Formal tendering preferred using the content of these regulations as best practice. If tendering is not adpoted then an audit trail of the reasons why not must be kept.If advertised – tenders and quotes above £25,000 must be published on the councils website and Contracts Finder. A minimum of 3 quotes ust be sought.
>£100,000 Formal tendering via an e-sourcing portal. Depending on value, tenderng processes will be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Public Contract Regualtions 2015 The procurement strategy is to be approved by Commissioning and Contracts Board CCB (<£5m) or cabinet if >£5m No procurement to begin without prior approval of CCB and where appropriate Cabinet. Contratc award:

<£500k – Director of Commissioning & Procurement

between £500k and £5m – nominated Cabinet Member

>£5m – Cabinet