What is Value Croydon?

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What is Value Croydon?

Value Croydon is Croydon Council’s local brand for delivering social value, and supporting the local market to access tender and sub-contracting opportunities with the Council and its partners.

By working together with businesses, the community and other public sector agencies, Value Croydon aims to ensure that the Council uses its purchasing power and contractual relationships effectively to maximise social, economic and environmental benefits achieved from all of its commercial activity.

What does this mean in practice?

Croydon Council promotes social value through our contracts, and by encouraging greater collaboration between the private, public and voluntary sectors, to ensure that investment in the local economy benefits and improves the lives and prosperity of local people.

In practice, this means

  • Working with our contractors and wider partners operating in the borough to maximise the social value offer for local people, with a strong focus on the local job creation, economic growth, community wellbeing and environmental sustainability
  • Promoting and opening up business opportunities for small local businesses, the voluntary community and the social enterprise sector
  • Inspiring greater social value delivery by celebrating collective achievements and successes.

What is the purpose of this website?

The website sets out the Croydon Council’s ambitions for supporting our providers to maximise the delivery of social value and improving the Council’s communication around its commissioning and business practices.

As such, the Council will use the website to:

  • Share Croydon Council’s social value framework, explaining the local social value priorities and requirements to bidders for council contracts
  • Signpost to local resources and contacts that provide support and information on job creation, economic growth, community projects and environmental sustainability
  • Provide information on how to do business with the council with greater transparency around the procurement processes, council spend, contracts and ways to access supply chains
  • Promote business opportunities, including council tender opportunities, information on upcoming partner opportunities, and wider events aimed at a local business community such as meet the buyer, market engagement sessions, supplier focused training, workshops and briefings.

The Value Croydon website aims to become a single point of access for all the resources and information that help maximise social value delivery locally and support the local market in competing for business opportunities with the council and it’s partners.

The Value Croydon vision

The Council’s vison is that Croydon is a place where social value, through creativity and innovation, drives economic growth to improves the quality of life for all.